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Declaration for cross-border economic development of Le Grand Madawaska : Acadia of the Lands and Forests

Because we acknowledge the economic and community ties shared by the population of the Maine, New Brunswick and Quebec territories who form the region known as Le Grand Madawaska, also Acadia of the Lands and Forests;

Because we acknowledge the inspiration and positive stimulus generated by the planning and holding of the 5th Congrès mondial acadien, a unique event that has allowed our communities to showcase their assets and to loudly and proudly express their profound aspirations for the benefit of present and future generations;

Because we acknowledge that cross-border alliances have proved themselves able of getting regional concerns known in the national, state and provincial capitals and also pushing regional projects forward by broadening their reach, increasing their visibility and strengthening their legitimacy;

Because we acknowledge the existing ties – as well as the potential complementarities and synergies that can be established – between our businesses, our business people and our innovators as well as other potential partners for the region;

Because we understand the challenges and requirements of globalization and new economic realities’ pressures particularly upon remote regions;

Because we realize the desire of our communities to take charge of their own prosperity and to transform our geographical boundaries into sustainable development opportunities – a desire that they have expressed numerous times during the preparations leading to the 2014 Congrès mondial acadien, especially during this present Economic Summit;

We, the initial economic Core Leadership Team of the region chosen according to a process established by the Organizing Committee of the 2014 Congrès mondial acadien and gathered for the present Economic Summit, declare the following.

We are committed to:

  • keep the stimulus and the legacy generated by the 2014 Congrès mondial acadien vibrant and sustainable for our region’s economic development;
  • establish an effective and efficient effort of cross-border cooperation for economic development between all of our region’s communities;
  • ensure that the private sector plays a leading role in the running and the realization of the cross-border initiatives which come from this effort;
  • gradually increase and multiply the number and variety of economic, social and cultural stakeholders likely to contribute in a positive way to this effort, based on the successes we will obtain during its implementation;
  • ensure that the effort constantly fulfills the needs and aspirations of all of the territory’s communities;
  • report to the public and the potential financial backers – on a regular basis – the progress resulting from this effort.

Edmundston, New-Brunswick, August 22nd 2014.


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