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The Core Leadership Team of Acadia of the Lands and Forests presents a positive outlook of the International Snowmobile Festival, despite important challenges. Promoted as Snowfest Acadie, the Festival was held from March 15 to March 18. 

The trails and touristic sites throughout the region have registered very strong snowmobilers’ attendance. While the region already registered a very good snow accumulation, an abundant snow fall just prior to the Festival created ideal conditions for snowmobiling.

For climatic and security reasons, the International snowmobile jump had to be replaced by Free Style jumps. The Haut-Madawaska community greatly hosted the X-Games double gold medallist, Brett Turcotte, who clearly outjawed the attendance with spectacular acrobatic jumps. The Mont Farlagne Sled Peak hill climb also attracted fourty competitors who offered, despite the cold and windy conditions, impressive performances. 

Among other activities, the Ice Carrousel in St-Agatha is certainly worth to be raised.  Despite a very thick layer of ice and cold weather during Saturday night, many committed and skilled artisans succeeded to get the ice carroussel in motion. In Saint-Quentin, the Maple Festival, celebrating its 15th anniversary, also benefited from its partnership with the Snowmobile Festival.

«The teamwork and dedication within the various communities and associations have greatly contributed to the success of the activities and confirms the positive economical impact and community building potential of this White gold», according to Lise Ouellette, president of the Core Leadership team. 

A shadow on the Festival

The organization of the Festival has however faced important challenges. The New Brunswick Snowmobile Federation has rejected the request for a special permit to allow free access to the trails, the Quebec Federation also deciding to follow the New Brunswick decision, creating significant hardship. Only Maine has granted free access to its trails for the Festival. Therefore, the festival could not benefit from a very important recreational snowmobiling infrastructure: the trails. That decision forced the organizers to focus the programming of the event on off-trails activities. As such activities involved significantly higher costs, the Festival has faced very difficult financial challenges.

These financial challenges have forced the organizers to take the difficult decision to cancel the Endurance Rally in Pohénégamook QC, as the number of participants was not enough to ensure self sufficiency of the event. “We are well aware and sorry for the inconveniences caused to the participants who had registered in the Rally, and the Snowfest organization will of course reimburse the registration fees”, mentioned Mrs Ouellette.

The challenges faced following the decision of the Federations of Snowmobile Clubs will force the Core Leadership Team to reassess the viability of a transboundary snowmobile event. “ We do understand that it is not realistic to ask visitors to purchase a snowmobile pass for each jurisdiction, in addition to the Festival passport. In collaboration with snowmobile clubs and other regional partners, we will undertake discussions to have the transboundary nature of our region recognized as an important economic asset, requiring adjustments by provincial and state authorities to realize its full potential”.

The Core Leadership Team will carry out a more in-depth assessment of the last two year experience of the Festival. Convinced of the potential of this event and at the regional citizen’s request, the Festival which had existed until 2010, was revived under the initiative of our organization. The objective of the Core Leadership team has always been to pass the organisation of the Festival to a dedicated organisation which would ensure its viability for future years. If we can overcome the current barriers, we still believe in the economic, social and cultural potential of this Festival.

A final decision as to the 2019 edition and organizers of the Festival will be made public before the summer of 2018.

For a second consecutive year, the international snowmobile festival will be held in the Acadia of the Lands and Forests under the promising name of SNOWFEST ACADIE 2018, from March 15 to 18, 2018. The Core Leadership Team is proud to announce the integration of the festival into the North American network of snowmobile competitions and an impressive world premiere to be held in Haut-Madawaska.

The famous professional snowmobiler Brett Turcotte will make an international snowmobile jump over the Saint John River from Fort Kent, Maine to Kennedy Island in Haut-Madawaska. This snowmobile jump from the United States to Canada, which will meet all safety standards and procedures between the two countries, will be well recognized by neighbouring communities on both sides of the Saint John River. Mr. Turcotte just won gold at the Aspen X-Games competition in Colorado, in the "freestyle snowmobile" category.

With the support of numerous partners, including those from the snowmobile industry, the Core Leadership Team set itself the goal of hosting the largest snowmobile event east of the Great Lakes.

Competitions certified by the International Snowmobile Racing International

SNOWFEST ACADIE is both a community and family event, a great gathering of snowmobile enthusiasts from Canada and the United States, offers challenging competitions for snowmobilers and spectators interested in International Snowmobile Racing certified races. Activities for all tastes, but also for all ages will be on the program.

This event offers the unique opportunity to bring together two countries, two Canadian provinces, an American state and First Nations territories.

The municipalities of Maine, Temiscouata and Northwestern New Brunswick, with the complicity of snowmobile clubs and tourism organizations and facilities in their territory, responded positively to the Core Leadership Team’s invitation and took charge of colourful activities.

The programming is impressive. Activities will be held throughout the territory to showcase the infrastructure, attractions, culture, local products and talents of the region, whether at Mont Citadelle (QC), in Saint-Quentin (NB), at the Mont Farlagne in Edmundston (NB), Mont Biencourt (QC), Fort Kent (ME) or Pohénégamook (QC). The beginning of the Maple Season will be featured at the Festival's various venues. Also, the famous Saint Quentin Maple Festival decided to coincide this important event with the Snowfest Acadie.

The heart of the Festival will be the Manufacturers' Village at Turgeon Stadium in Edmundston. The four major snowmobile manufacturers and other equipment manufacturers will be on hand to reveal the 2019 models. The nostalgic will also be able to visit the antique snowmobile exhibition at Martin Small Equipment in Edmundston.

If snowmobiling is clearly the star, the Fort Kent Outdoor Center is extending an invitation to all cross-country skiing and snowshoeing enthusiasts in the greater Acadian region of the Lands and Forests to a great family day on Sunday, March 18 in this internationally recognized site.

«Acadia of the Lands and Forests has everything needed to hold such a major snowmobile event. And it’s an opportunity to bring the three communities together », said Lise Ouellette, Chair of the Core Leadership Team, enthusiastically.

The Government of New Brunswick is a key partner in the development of the Festival's 2018 edition and the Honourable Francine Landry, Minister of Economic Development and MLA for Madawaska-Les-Lacs-Edmundston underlines the importance of the event. « Our Government enthusiastically supports the Core Leadership Team of the Acadia of the Lands and Forests with $30,000 for its 2nd annual International Snowmobile Festival, » said Minister of Economic Development Francine Landry. «By offering new and attractive tourism products such as those offered at SnowFest Acadie, we will increase the number of visitors to the North and throughout the province. This tourism event fits well with our economic growth plan and our tourism growth strategy ».

To learn more about programming and obtain a passport for all snowmobile activities, the Core Leadership Team invites you to visit and the Facebook page of the event:

The Core Leadership Team of the Acadia of the Lands and Forests has developed an innovative collaboration with regional environmental groups to develop a project for the sound management of aquatic habitats that will allow, among other things, the sustainability of recreational tourism activities related to recreational fishing. The partners received $200,000 for three specific mandates related to fish habitat restoration.

The Environmental Damage Fund managed by Environment and Climate Change Canada, provided this funding to develop two Integrated Planning Workbooks, obtain scientific advice on the consequences of log removal and carry out plant restoration work at 20 riparian sites.  These mandates affect the Iroquois, Trout and Madawaska rivers and their watersheds.

In its upper reaches, the Saint John River touches three frontiers, including two countries (Canada and the United States), two provinces (Quebec and New Brunswick) and one State (Maine), a reality that imposes its share of challenges for sound ecosystem management. The impact of this project will therefore have a positive impact on the three sectors of Acadia of the Lands and Forests. « Lakes and rivers have played a key role in our shared history and remain at the heart of our collective identity and development », comments Lise Ouellette, Chair of the Core Leadership Team.

It is in this spirit of connecting with the river territory that the regional environmental groups, including the Saint John River Watershed Organization (OBVSFJ) located in Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Quebec, and the Madawaska River Development Corporation (SARM) located in Edmundston, New Brunswick, will work together to carry out this project.

 « By the end of 2018, we will have the tools necessary to promote and communicate good habitat management practices, » comments Michel Grégoire, Director of the OBVSFJ. « A distribution will be planned to the shoreline property owners, strategic partners and the general public » added Joanie Dubé, Director of SARM.

Thanks to the involvement of several other partners, including the North West Rural Development Committee (CARNO) and the Canadian Rivers Institute, affiliated with the University of New Brunswick, this project is a very good example of regional collaboration aimed at the sustainability of natural resources.

Schedule Acadian Festivities

The Town of Madawaska, host for the Acadian National Day, invites all the Acadian people of the Acadia of the Lands and Forests to take part in the festivities that will take place on August 15th. A great Acadian Race, a Merchant sidewalk sale and a Farmer market as well as various shows and animations are scheduled. The population is also invited to parade in the colors of Acadia for the traditional Tintamarre.

A Festive Programming

From 9 :00 am, the Main Street will come alive with a Mega Merchant Sidewalk, and from 10 :00 am, the Farmer’s Market follows the street on Mills Street. At 3:00 pm, the National Day Mass will present the Van Buren Choir.

It is at the Madawaska Bi-Centennial Park that the celebrations continue with the first shows and a free meal. Various regional artists, singers, dancers and DJs share the stage and at 5:55 pm, the kick-off is given for the Tintamarre.

The noisy and colorful Acadian Parade will take place until Madawaska High School where the party will continue with a delightful evening «Soirée du Bon Vieux Temps».

The detailed schedule of the event is available on the website.

Book August 15th and invite your families and friends for this great festive and Acadian gathering made possible thanks to the participation of the Core Leadership Team, The Town of Madawaska’s Economic & Community Development Office, Le Club Français, Northern Computers, WAGM-TV, Norstate FCU and Acadia FCU

The Core Leadership Team of Acadia of the Lands and Forests gave an overview of its second year of operation during its Annual General Meeting held in Fort Kent in Maine. The Team, who fosters and facilitates cross-border collaboration to contribute to the region’s economic development, is proud of its achievements. The activities held across the region prove that it is possible to Succeed here, together.

Lise Ouellette, the Core Leadership Team’s Chairwoman, was especially pleased with the members’ commitment to developing the region. The Team’s annual report presents, amongst others, the benefits of the Prime Manufacturers/Suppliers Event, the International Snowmobilers’ Festival and the meeting on residual materials management. “These initial activities have established strong links. They would not have been possible without the community’s engagement and commitment,” says Ms. Ouellette.

Economic, Social and Sustainable Benefits

More than 150 private meetings between prime manufacturers and subcontractors/suppliers were held during Acadia of the Lands and Forests’ first edition of the Prime Manufacturers/Suppliers Event. 35 potential subcontractors and suppliers were present to meet the subcontracting needs of 10 prime manufacturers, estimated at $15 million annually.

The International Snowmobilers’ Festival returned at the beginning of the year, from January 20 to 22. Snowmobile enthusiasts explored more than 930 miles (1,500 km) of trails across the areas of Acadia of the Lands and Forest in New Brunswick, Québec and Maine.

Around twenty representatives of Acadia of the Lands and Forests’ towns and municipalities met on March 2, 2017, to discuss residual materials management issues.

The Team’s working groups have various projects in the pipeline. A marketing strategy to recruit families and new workers for businesses is under way, the regional intermodal ramp project is progressing and Madawaska (ME) is getting ready to host this year’s August 15 festivities.

More details about the Team’s achievements are available here:

The activities of the Core Leadership Team and its members are not the only partnerships to build upon the legacy of the CMA 2014. Edmundston (NB) and Dégelis (QC) will jointly organize the “Jeux de l’Acadie 50+”, which will be held in February 2018. Also involving seniors from Maine, this activity is a good example of cross-border collaboration.

A Renewed Team

As well as two new board members, Ms.  Cathy Pelletier representing New Brunswick and Mr. Daniel Deveau representing Maine, the Core Leadership Team welcomed a new coordinator. With the Team since last April, Ms. Aurélia Jourdan works closely with the Board and its committee to implement the strategic plan.

The Core Leadership Team receives financial support from several partners: CMA 2014, the governments of Canada and of New Brunswick, the municipalities members of the Northwest Regional Service Commission, the Regional County Municipality of Témiscouata, the cities of Madawaska, Fort Kent and St. Agatha, the RDÉE NB, the Témiscouata SADC, the NMDC and private businesses which kindly offered their services throughout the year.

Monday, 08 May 2017 15:47

Student Job Posting - Project Assistant

The Core Leadership Team leader is looking for a dynamic student as «Student – Project Assistant» to contribute to the implementation of its economic development mandate by providing support to the organizing committee of the August 15, 2017 celebrations in Madawaska, Maine.


  • Professionalism, leadership, autonomy and polyvalent
  • Adaptability
  • Organizational skills
  • Ability to work in team
  • Ability to communicate in French and English, both oral and written
  • Computer literacy (Microsoft Office, web applications, social media)

Hiring criterion:

  • Must be Canadian resident or citizen
  • Aged between 15 and 30 years old
  • Full-time student this year and enrolled for full-time studies in September 2016 (International students are not eligible.)
  • Have a valid passport to travel to the US
  • Have a valid drivers’ license
  • Have a vehicle

Schedule: 35 hours/week from June 26 to August 18, 2017

Salary: +/- $ 15/ hour (based on experience and training)

Workplace: Downtown Edmundston

To apply: Send your cover letter and resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before June, 05th .

For information: Aurélia Jourdan at (506) 740-6881 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Core Leadership Team of Acadia of the Lands and Forests is a think tank and action group on economic regional issues in the region. It stimulates and facilitates regional collaboration by mobilizing stakeholders to leverage the strengths of the entire region and face common challenges. It implements a strategic plan that focuses on priorities for action and measurable concrete results in order to ensure the economic development of the region. For more information, visit our Website:

Approximately twenty representatives of Acadia of the Lands and Forests’ cities and towns met on March 2 at the Convention Centre in Edmundston for a discussion on “Residual Materials Management in Acadia of the Lands and Forests: Challenges and Opportunities”.

At a time when the environment and its protection are critical issues for municipalities, elected officials and concerned managers have decided to share their best practices in order to explore possible collaborative opportunities, given their geographical proximity and common challenges.

In this field, rules, obligations and goals vary greatly across Acadia of the Lands and Forests. Contributors from the Régie intermunicipale des déchets de Témiscouata (Témiscouata Intermunicipal Waste Board), New Brunswick’s Northwest Regional Service Commission and Maine’s Valley Recycling Facility presented a global outline of the situation in each area and discussed their respective challenges.

With this overview, participants recognized at once that there are possible collaboration opportunities to reclaim some of the residual materials, share business contacts and exchange services. This type of community-driven partnership could improve the reclamation of some residual materials by creating a critical mass that would ensure the profitability of certain activities thereby making it possible to manage residual materials in a way that follows the essence of sustainable development.

The participants agreed to pursue the discussion by establishing a regional working group on managing residual materials. Another meeting will take place in the coming months to determine the working group’s action plan. Meanwhile, short-term collaboration opportunities will be examined by the managers of Acadia of the Lands and Forests’ waste management departments.

Thursday, 23 February 2017 14:53

Job offer - Coordinator

Acadia of the Lands and Forests Core Leadership Team is a think tank and an action group focused on the region’s economic issues (Northwestern New Brunswick, Témiscouata in Quebec, and Northern Aroostook County in Maine). Their mandate is to stimulate and facilitate regional co-operation through the mobilization of key players to benefit from the region’s assets, and to take on common challenges. The organization is currently looking for a:     


Under the authority of the Board of Directors, the candidate will be asked the following:

  • Managing the implementation of the CLT strategic plan;
  • Taking care of the funding, development and monitoring of the organization’s budgets;
  • Providing follow-ups and coordinating the mandates given by the CLT’s Board of Directors;
  • Establishing and maintaining key contacts to ensure the smooth running of the organization;  
  • Assisting and advising the various subcommittees;
  • On demand, acting on behalf of the CLT in other events, assemblies, or special activities;
  • Planning, writing, and sending out the required documents for general assemblies as well as for the various Board of Directors’ meetings, and ensuring that the activities, minutes, and quarterly and annual reports are carried out and taken care of.      

Qualifications and requirements

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Administration or Certificate in Management;
  • 2 to 3 years’ experience in a management position. Any other combination of school and experience could be considered;
  • Very good computer skills (Office Suite), social media proficiency (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), and knowledge of Internet applications (Mailchimp, etc.);
  • Bilingual in French and English, spoken and written;
  • Strong communication skills;
  • Leadership, organizational skills, and autonomy;
  • Strong interest in regional development. 

Employment conditions

The candidate must be willing to travel to the United States and Canada, on occasion. The place of work is in the Edmundston region.

One year renewable contract; competitive salary.

People interested in taking on this challenge are invited to submit their résumé in complete confidentiality via mail, fax or email at this address:

c/o Mr. Gaston Fournier
Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton & Co LLP
507 Victoria Street
Edmundston NB  E3V 2K9

Fax: 506-739-1145
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would like to thank all the candidates for their interest towards the position, however, only the chosen candidates will be contacted for an interview.

The Acadia of Lands and Forests’ International Snowmobilers’ Festival will be back and will now include Quebec trails (Témiscouata sector). On January 20-22, 2017, snowmobile enthusiasts will be able to explore more than 930 miles (1,500 km) of trails in a snowmobilers’ paradise located across New Brunswick, Québec and Maine. Participants will have the opportunity to snowmobile in two countries, two provinces and one American state during the same weekend.

More than just a snowmobile ride, this festival provides an enjoyable experience and a warm welcome – as the region and its local population are known for. People of Acadia of Lands and Forests are certainly welcoming and know how to have a good time. “We are lucky to live in a region with first class lodging and accommodations connected to our snowmobile trails. The festival is an opportunity to showcase our infrastructures and enjoy them all at the same time.” says Lise Ouellette, Chair of the Core Leadership Team.

Festival Registration and Planned Activities
Approximately thirty venues across Acadia of Lands and Forests will offer special incentives to the festival participants. Each stop at one of these strategic spots will allow snowmobilers to accumulate chances to win various prizes (cash prizes and goods) worth more than CAN$10,000. Other activities will also be organized, including a casino night, a brunch as well as an exhibition and a testing session of antique snowmobiles.

Registration is mandatory to access all Acadia of Lands and Forests’ trails. Visit for more details. Registration cost is CAN$39.99 per person and includes access to every activity.

Presented by the Core Leadership Team of the Acadia of the Lands and Forests, this festival is organized in collaboration with the region’s snowmobile federations and clubs, and tourist development organizations, with the financial support of the Government of New Brunswick, the Regional County Municipality of Témiscouata, and the Maine Office of Tourism.

For more information about the festival or to register, visit or call us at (506) 736-9976.

annonce festival 600

Thursday, 20 October 2016 14:06

Une tournée média inspirante

J’ai eu l’opportunité, avec l’aide du groupe de travail sur les communications, de piloter une tournée des médias en Acadie des terres et forêts. Pourquoi une telle tournée?

L’Équipe des chefs de file a été mise sur pied pour stimuler et faciliter la collaboration transfrontalière en Acadie des terres et forêts. C’est un mandat qui se travaille sur le long terme. Tous les membres de l’Équipe des chefs de file partagent cette vision de faire de l’Acadie des terres et forêts une région transfrontalière unique, reconnue pour son dynamisme, sa qualité de vie et ses réussites économiques.

Ça ne se fait pas en un jour et plusieurs se demandent « c’est quoi cette équipe? » et « qu’est-ce qu’ils font exactement? », « on en entend rarement parler...». Nous souhaitions donc éveiller l’intérêt sur l’Acadie des terres et forêts et informer les journalistes sur le travail accompli par les différents groupes à l’oeuvre.

Un travail de fond qui précède les résultats
Bien sûr nous utilisons les réseaux sociaux pour partager des nouvelles et informations qui concernent l’équipe et différentes activités de l’Acadie des terres et forêts, mais ce n’est pas suffisant. Les médias de la région peuvent être des collaborateurs de première ligne pour nous permettre de joindre la population de façon plus globale.

Après plus d’un an de travail pour établir des fondations solides, l’Équipe des chefs de file a certainement un résultat très concret, mais peu connu: la mobilisation de plus de 100 personnes qui œuvrent dans différents groupes de travail pour faire avancer ces axes d’interventions. Ce sont les ambassadeurs de notre Acadie des terres et forêts!

Un accueil intéressé et enthousiaste des journalistes
Évidemment, les journalistes nous suivent depuis le début, mais je crois que je peux affirmer qu’ils avaient bien hâte qu’on leur parle de nos réalisations et projets à venir plus souvent.

La tournée nous a permis de faire le point, apprendre à mieux les connaître, mais aussi leur parler d’un événement à venir pour le secteur manufacturier. Nous avons vraiment senti un enthousiasme de leur part face à cette nouvelle.

Je suis en affaires et une chose qui ne se dément pas c’est l’efficacité des rencontres en personne. Ça vaut pour nos clients, mais ça vaut aussi pour nos collaborateurs. Pour l’Équipe des chefs de file, nous voyons les médias de l’Acadie des terres et forêts comme des collaborateurs. Je crois que nous avons établi de beaux ponts et leur intérêt pour ce que nous tentons de réaliser est palpable.

À nous de conserver ces ponts et entretenir les relations. Des idées ont émergé de cette tournée, dont celle de créer un cercle de presse en Acadie des terres et forêts! À suivre...!

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