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Corruven: Globally unique innovation in the heart of the Acadia of the Lands and the Forests

BannièreDec 2016

Corruven is a company known for its patented Corruven technologies®. These technologies optimize the natural strength of wood, a natural carbon fibre, to create high-performing sustainable solutions.

This company develops and markets game-changing products for an international clientele in the packaging, construction, architecture and furniture sectors. It offers functional solutions made of a material 6 times more resistant and 85% lighter than those typically used. Its founder, Alain Bélanger, is originally from Kedgwick.

Located in Edmundston, the business, with a 100,000 sq. ft. facility and a research department, enabled talented innovators to return to the region to conceive and manufacture composite engineering solutions. Wood from Presque Isle, Maine, is used to manufacture the products. This is a prime example of cross-sectoral collaboration in Acadia of the Lands and the Forests.


An exhibition catalogue with roots in Acadia of the lands and the forest


Did you know that preparing the exhibition catalogue for the Témiscouata Museum’s permanent exhibition, “Enracinés”, was the fruit of a collaboration between the museum, the Témiscouata Historical and Archaeological Society, the Colline Art Gallery and the Madawaska Historical Society in Edmundston? The publication was released in July 2015 following the exhibition and the inauguration of the museum’s new premises during festivities for the Congrès mondial acadien 2014.

The 76-page illustrated catalogue is part of the Revue de la Société historique du Madawaska’s publication series and is in two parts. One focuses on the Témiscouata Museum’s exhibition and looks at forests from economic, social and cultural angles. The history of the people of the forest is told through the voices of those who have lived it. The other part focuses on an exhibition of four contemporary artists presented at the Madawaska Historical Museum. Joël Boudreau, Luc A. Charrette, Gabrielle Gendron and Réjean Toussaint were all invited to create an artwork that illustrated their relation with the land.

It is together that we succeed here!


An Acadia of the Lands and Forests Pale Ale : A beer Without Borders 


August 1st, the Edmundston microbrewery, Les Brasseurs du Petit Sault, made a special batch of a pale ale on tap available for a limited time. Its particuliarity? It‘s entirely made from Acadia of the Lands and Forests products!

The malt comes from MaltBroue of Temiscouata and the hops come from Aroostook Hops in Maine.

It was such a success that It sold out in a week. Is it going to be back next year? Let's hope so.

It is together that we succeed here!

Monday, 11 July 2016 11:21

Enhancement of Underutilized Farmland

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Enhancement of Underutilized Farmland

Producer members of the Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest (CoFNO), located in Clair, wanted to use agricultural land to their full potential. They’ve decided to grow honeyberries, a small fruit which looks like blueberry because of its color, tastes delicious and could be transformed into several by-products.

The main purpose is to transform the honeyberry in a local factory facility. With a cooperative business model, where the owners are producers, workers and investors who share benefits and create economic activity.

In 2013, 1,000 plants were planted in the Clair region of New Brunswick. Thanks to the opportunity created by the CoFNO that brought producers together, it is 80,000 plants (100 acres) that are now growing, not only in New Brunswick but also in northern Maine and the Témiscouata, all three sectors of Acadia of the Lands and Forests.

It is expected that in 7 years, 240,000 kilos will be processed annually into juice, syrup, alcoholic liquor or simply dried.

It is together that we succeed here!


Development of transportation and procurement alternatives

At the request of manufacturing companies of Acadia of the Lands and Forests, the Core Leadership Team has conducted a feasibility study on setting up a rail car ferry ramp as transportation and procurement alternative.

Moreover, a working group is examining the development of local procurement alternatives for the manufacturing sector. A prime manufacturers event is scheduled for fall 2016 to bring businesses together and to facilitate strategic alliances through business matchmaking.

Here we succeed together.


Close to one hundred people mobilized
for Acadia of the Lands and Forests

The Core Leadership Team has a vision of an Acadia of Lands and Forests as a unique cross-border area, renowned for its dynamism, its quality of life, and its economic successes. Several people also share this vision.

Composed of 40 official members, the Team has rallied round close to hundred people during the last year. One hundred people that actively contribute to different working groups to implement the action plan derived from the 2015-2018 Strategic Plan. 

Tuesday, 13 October 2015 12:37

Environmental stakeholders work together

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Environmental stakeholders work together

In the wake of the forum on the Upper Saint John lakes organized by Organisme de bassin Versant du fleuve Saint-Jean, environmental stakeholders of the region have teamed up to develop a project to protect a healthy and diversified fishery in Acadia of the Lands and Forests.

Monday, 09 March 2015 16:42

Mobilization forum on experiential tourism

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Mobilization forum on experiential tourism


A first mobilization forum on Experiential Tourism was held Saturday January 17, 2015 in Edmundston. Presented by the Regional Tourism Committee, a work group supported by the Core Leadership Team of Acadia of the Lands and Forests (ALF), in partnership with “Expérience Acadie” and “Acadie Gourmet”. The goal of this forum was to strengthen the skills of tourism operators of the ALF region in regards to experiential tourism and local gastronomy.

This activity had about fifty participants who benefited from the program which was as informative as it was participatory thanks to, amongst other things, dishes made from local ingredients by the Kilted Chef, Edmundston native Alain Bossé. The participants also had the opportunity to learn more about experiential tourism with Quebec consultant, Pierre Labrie. They also had the chance to visit the Petit-Sault Brewers microbrewery in Edmundston.


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