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Stimulate and facilitate regional cooperation to ensure the sustainable economic development
of Acadia of the Lands and Forests.


We can succeed here. Acadia of the Lands and Forests is a unique cross-border region known for its vibrant communities, its quality of life and its economic vitality.


Vision: We can succeed here

"We can succeed here." This vision is reflected in the desire of Acadia of the Land and Forest to be:

  • A Vibrant and prosperous place in which to live, work and play.
  • Visionary and daring, embrace and leverage our region’s rich heritage and unique assets, retain and attract talent.
  • The Atlantic Gateway to international opportunity.
  • Recognized and valued for our richness in natural resources and access to our first class transportation and logistics networks.
  • An innovative international cross-border incubator.
  • A model for how a boundary-free regional economy unleashes and creates unlimited economic prosperity for all.
  • A multicultural, cross border regional economy, beyond politic borders, that prospers economically while also increasing our quality of place.

The vision was adopted by consensus following a meeting of the Team of Leaders on January 21, 2014.


The Core Leadership Team Mandate

The Core Leadership Team of the ALF is a think-tank and action group on economic regional issues in the region.

It stimulates and facilitates regional collaboration by mobilizing stakeholders to leverage the strengths of the entire region and face common challenges.

It implements a strategic plan that focuses on priorities for action and measurable concrete results in order to ensure the economic development of the region.



From 2009 to 2014, the Organizing Committee of the Congrès mondial acadien successfully put together a unique structure to host the biggest event to take place the Acadia of the Lands and Forest.  This territory groups Northwestern New-Brunswick, Témiscouata (Québec) and North of Aroostook County, Maine.

The thought of bringing together people of the three sectors to organize such an event was ambitious! The success of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 proved that Acadia has no boundaries.

The will of our people to come together and to work towards a common goal is stronger than all the natural, administrative, linguistic, legal and historical boundaries that forged our identity throughout the years.


The Core Leadership Team: follow-up on the economic issues

The economic component of the CMA 2014 came up with an ambitious work plan supported by about a hundred partners and business people and with financial support of many contributors and government bodies.

Consultations, focus groups and public meetings were held, regional tools were developed, promising projects were initiated, but most importantly, business relationships and exchanges multiplied.

In March of 2014, a Core Leadership Team of people was put together to continue the economic development after the Congrès mondial acadien.

The team is mainly composed of business people of the three sectors, municipality representatives, young people, education and health sectors, economic development agencies and the Native communities.

The members work togeter to identify and achieve promising short-term, medium-term or long-term goals and to strengthen the collaboration within the territory.

For this group, the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 wasn’t an end, but the start to consolidate and realize their vision for the economic development of Acadia Lands and Forests


Founding Principles

At the end of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 Economic Summit, the Core Leadership Team members presented a declaration.  

Throughout the implementation of this strategic plan, this commitment will serve Core Leadership Team members as guiding principles.


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